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Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting

    What we Do and How we do it
    Our mission and operating principles are simple and straightforward. We will provide our clients with logistic solutions that
    meet business requirements and are implemented within the constraints of time and budget.

    Since the early 1990’s, our team of logistic consultants have provided the technical skills with proven, state of the art business
    solutions for clients in the retail, wholesale, consumer and manufacturing sectors. We have the management experience to
    create high quality and cost effective distribution plans, physical and virtual warehousing,
    inbound and outbound distribution
    models, and we do it with a comprehensive understanding of your unique business requirements. As your logistics consultants,
    our approach provides new perspectives and helps create a new vision, solve the tough problems and helps your organization
    achieve results in a demanding global market.

    What we are Not
    RSI-BEST Group is not a consultancy provider that brings unattainable and unrealistic solutions to your company.

    1. We recognize that budgets and company goals provide a benchmark for every solution we offer.
    2. We do not waste your valuable time and effort in designing solutions that create chaos and productivity losses
      throughout your organization.
    3. We work at understanding your company’s culture and logistic goals as a cornerstone in providing solutions
      that fit your application and operational needs.
    4. We do not offer a single mindset on fees that rely on a savings only fee based structure. Our fees are matched to your
      individual needs and situation.
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Services We Offer

  • Small package distribution
  • Ocean container (both FCL and LCL)
  • Airfreight
  • Surface movement (both FTL and LTL)
  • Actual and Virtual Warehousing and Distribution
  • Site Locators and Location Demographics
  • RFQ Creation and Release
  • Cross-Border Distribution (Canada-Mexico and Intra-EU)
  • Audit and cost reviews