RSI - BEST Group Search Process  

  • Team up with Client for in-depth needs definition & analysis followed up with a proposal to
    Client from RSI - BEST Group to be signed off by client

  • Assemble Search Team

  • Target Source Companies including direct competitors approved by client

  • Identify Viable Candidates for contact

  • Contact Other Recruiting Organizations in Our Network for additional Candidates

  • Advertise in Trade Publications or any other appropriate areas as another alternative

  • Begin Recruitment and Screening Process by contacting targeted individuals to further
    assess their suitability.  We do not identify the client company until we are sure the candidate is a
    good fit for the client.  All will initially be interviewed over the telephone then face to face by an RSI -
    BEST Group representative

  • Narrow Field to Most Qualified and Motivated Candidates.   Short-list of typically  three candidates
    per position. Each individual will be qualified for the position and cultural fit.

  • Present Candidates to Client. Resumes and consultant's notes are prepared on each presented

  • Debrief Candidates & Client – Identify Areas of Concern and Interest – Evaluate Counter
    Offer Possibilities

  • Conduct Reference Checks

  • Schedule Next Interviews as necessary

  • Debrief Candidate and Client

  • Identify Candidate Needs for Offer Acceptance - RSI -BEST Group will work directly with the
    candidate on what they need in order to accept an offer.  This information will be conveyed to the client to
    prevent any surprises.

  • Submit Offer - The offer should be made through RSI - BEST Group to avoid the uncomfortable
    possibility of negotiating details.

  • Start Date is confirmed

  • RSI - BEST Group ensures that the candidate has commenced employment, and maintains
    contact thereafter with follow up with Candidate and Client 30 days After Start Date and on-
    going as needed.  
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